12 September, 2010

what do you mean? stencilled roses in dusty rose and powder blue are totally not circa 1983!

i have just taken a pair of pants from the washer and discovered my phone in them. thanks to a tip from a friend, it is now drying out in a bowl of organic whole grain arborio rice, and i certainly hope it grasps the depth of the culinary sacrifice. i also hope it starts to work in a hurry because (other than facebook, skype, email and google talk) it is the only method i have of communicating with the world, and god knows that a girl without a cell, is no modern girl.

today i also bled all over my hand from a small cut, cooked a very good dinner, picked rocks and branches from our increasingly clear* land, drove tither and yon, yelled at mr. monkey (the basis of many a day's activities), laundered things (phone included), broke a drawer, listened to music and woke up very early indeed, not necessarily in that order.

i have made my peace with the fact that i will not be writing about our kayaking trip because by now it is but a hazy misty mirage in the glimmering past. all i can say is that a 5 day kayaking trip into complete wilderness while experiencing any (or indeed ALL) of the following is not a particularly good idea but will not necessarily rob you of fun: painfully enlarged lymph nodes, a full blown 3-day migraine, the onset of the menstrual cycle, and a wonky hip.

*fret not, oh lovers of trees, in whose proud ranks i also stand: we are clearing perhaps a fifth of it, and not for a bowling green monstrosity, but a flowing flowery meadow filled with fruit trees and frolicking baby ferrets.


Alison Cross said...

was looking forward to hearing about the kayaking trip y'know!

Sounds like a very fruitful and satisfying day was had. Other than the phone thing.


Ali x

Joan said...

Ferrets that frolick are the only kind to have!

jools said...

i'm all for trees (one of my best friends is a tree), but i hear that chainsaws and tree splitters are a hell of a lot of fun! woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Time for an iPhone.