11 September, 2010

flowery metaphors and all that shit

while pulling into a seemingly empty parking spot on our way to inception* and being thwarted by a lurking shopping cart parked between two trucks:

mr. monkey: fucking smart cars!

*the film thinks it's a lot smarter than it actually is and as much as i adore joseph gordon-levitt, i felt he was sadly underutilised in this flick, as was ellen page. but y'all don't have to believe me: i found the girl with the dragon tattoo (the book) covertly misogynistic and disappointingly formulaic, despite all those sexy umlauts.


Alison Cross said...

My mum was dying to read The Girl.... novels, and is currently ploughing her way through The Dragon Tattoo.

But she's not enjoying it and says that she feels like a cultural outcast!

Ali x

the polish chick said...

there are several interesting articles that i found online that back me up on this. it's not so much that the book didn't grip me - it did. but it made me feel like all his stats on violence against women was just window dressing to make it look like he cared, just so he could plow right into the good juicy torture bits and feel innocent. frankly, after one book, i felt like the author was an asshole.

jools said...

i saw inception recently too! JGL is like a junior keanu reeves.

Anonymous said...

I fought inception to be an ok action flick but I just could not stand ellen page in it. I don't think that type of roll suited her.