02 September, 2010

nope, still not about the kayaking trip

mr. monkey has a t-shirt. it is too big and too see-through and allows disturbing glimpses of his monkey nipples. it is a lovely pale aqua colour but its v-neck has been stretched out by too many passes of mr. monkey's gigantic monkey head. overall, it is wrong. it is the wrong colour. it is the wrong size. it is the wrong style. it makes mr. monkey look like a sloppy single fat man. i hate it.

despite my pleas, mr. monkey keeps wearing the t-shirt. last week i threatened to steal the t-shirt away and write "yay, i am a princess" on it with a sharpie. he said he'd still wear it camping.

today i did it. i don't think he'll wear it again.

p.s. i will add a picture if i can figure out the technology.


Alison Cross said...

You realise, of course, that he could just nick the pen and scribble in an arrow with the word 'not' so that the new logo reads

'I am NOT a princess'

Scribbling on the sweatshirt could be your new shared hobby.

Ali x

Lucy said...

Pale aqua, mmm...

How does someone so coolly vitriolic as you get to be visiting me? I fear I have asymmetric bangs, though more by what could - or not - be called luck, than judgement. I certainly don't do the cute pigeon-toed thing mind you as that would be disturbingly grotesque by anyone's reckoning.

However, you have bolstered my self-esteem (so that was why I went out with - we don't say 'dated' hereabouts - so many losers...) enough for me to come out and proud about my predilection for using adverbs and adjectives, having been for some time repressed and inhibited by the current vogue for eschewing them, forcing myself into all kinds of tortuous verbal antics usually ending up by making them into abstract nouns. And horrendously long sentences, as above. And starting sentences with conjunctions.

I am also becoming slightly worried about my over-frequent use of ellipses since you probably hate that too...

Despite all this, and that my almost exclusive mode of dress is baggy v-necked t-shirts and yoga pants, I think I will be back, perhaps even to read about the kayaking trip, because I have laughed rather a lot since I arrived here.

the polish chick said...

lucy, welcome. i am honoured by your presence. seriously. i also have asymmetrical bangs because i am growing them out, so, like you, not so much by design.

don't you just love yoga pants? they are a sexier version of the grey sweatpants of yesteryear and just as comfortable!

the polish chick said...

alison, an arrow wouldn't do. i packed that t-shirt so full of stars, hearts, squiggles and pure girlish fun that a "NOT" would not even begin to address the damage.

Country Gent said...

You're cruel. Never mess with a man's favourite t-shirt!