01 September, 2010

jesus, still not about the kayaking trip (i swear, i'm working on it)

yesterday i was inspired by a flock of pigeons sitting like notes on electrical wires, against the backdrop of a gloomy grey sky. being a (semi) product of the modern era* i immediately whipped out my cell phone and snapped a picture. it turned out blurry and cool, and i saved it as my wallpaper. as soon as i did it, i realised that it was such a blatantly hipster kind of picture (you know, the whole precious blurry retro kodak, lomo cam, polaroid thing you see all over the bloody place) that i shuddered in my socks.

what's next? i muttered darkly, and then the obvious presented itself: I KNOW! i will post pictures of myself with my asymmetrical bangs, wearing an ironic floral romper and hideous 80's glasses, with my legs all cutely pigeon-toed. 'cause that's how it's done these days,**no?

sigh...i know, i know, it's not ok to be so filled with so much irrational hatred. my karma is totally fucked.

*i accidentally typed "ear." how cool is that? to be a product of the modern ear!

** sweet jesus on a jesus tree, thank god i'm not the only one driven nuts by this!!! there are actual WEBLOGS dedicated to this travesty! sometimes i just looooove the interwebs!


Alison Cross said...

Am supposed to be rushing to catch a ferry but had to tell you that there is some THING on the intertubes that can turn pictures of birds on telephone wires into MUSIC!

That would be so cool! Cooler than being an 'ear' product?!

I can't find that link just now, but will look later today. I bet yours is VERY japanese sounding ;-)

Ali xxx

the polish chick said...

that's actually not my picture. i'm certain savvy hipster kids know how to mail a picture from their phone to their computer. i do not. but yes, that would be pretty awesome (does anyone say that anymore? god, i am so out of the loop!)

Alison Cross said...

I say awesome. I also say cool. That probably rules them out as being either awesome or cool things to say.

Ali x

jools said...

there are some cute outfits on that pigeon-toed site! some are totally unwearable, but they are cute on the whole.