26 August, 2010

that's love, and no mistake!

while discussing our long weekend plans (on the table - lounging around vancouver, or 15km walk-in camping in an isolated but beautiful spot):

mr. monkey: i want to go to vancouver. AND i want to go camping.

moi: well, you can't do both. you have to decide and soon.

mr. m: i think this will be the last weekend for camping. i think i should go camping.

moi: go! it'll be fun. just you and the boys.

mr. m: but...won't you come too? pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase?

moi: ?


moi: you really want me to go so badly?

mr.m: you'll carry the tent!

moi: oh.


Country Gent said...

Oh, sweet love. Carry the tent, make him carry the vino and soak up the goodness that is Mother Earth. Vancouver will be splendid next month. And the month after. And the month after...

Alison Cross said...

Tell mr monkey that he can shove his tent poles and guy ropes up his crevice if he thinks you should carry the tent.

That's what CHILDREN are for.

Borrow some if need be.

Ali x

the polish chick said...

ugh, but then we'd have children along, and i'm really really not into that.

and for the record, he's actually very gentlemanly about stuff like that (except when it comes to mixing concrete) and would most likely not even allow me to carry the tent.

we'll see what happens. most likely i'll forget to write about it, in much the same way i still haven't written about our kayaking trip.