16 August, 2010

the old woman and the sea

the day after tomorrow, we are heading out kayaking in the broken group islands. we will be gone 5 days (due to the limited amount of space we are bringing 1-2 shirts each for the duration, although daily underwear has been allowed, so it might get fragrant). my expectations for the trip? i want to come back alive. it would be nice if others did too.

you might say that is a hell of a pessimistic way to go on vacation, but i figure if my expectation is fulfilled i will be happy, and anything else (gorgeous scenery, lack of cetacean attacks, limited loss of limb, composting toilets, decent weather) will be a glorious bonus.

keep your fingers crossed.


puncturedbicycle said...

I'd venture a guess that composting toilets are not as horrible as the chemical variety, but both are undoubtedly inferior to indoor plumbing.
What really used to put me off using the campground outhouses was the proliferation of spiders.
Have a lovely time!

puncturedbicycle said...

PS. When I said 'Have a lovely time!" I was not being sarcastic.

the polish chick said...

actually composting toilets are really lovely and surprisingly odour free, as is the final product (compost, duh). in fact when we build our little place in a few years, we will likely use composting toilets (no sewage system in place there, just well water, septic fields (whatever those are) and the barking of sealions).

and yes, i assumed you weren't being sarcastic.