05 August, 2010

family et al.

hey world!

as of late last night, i am officially an auntie to a little baby girl, ania veronika, who came into this world weighing 3.4 kg. that's all i know so far, other than the fact that her dad is over the moon and her mom is fine if tired.

amazing how you can love a little human bean whom you haven't even met.


puncturedbicycle said...

Awww, congrats Auntie! That's lovely.

the polish chick said...

thank you. i talked to the parents, and they are in awe. this is the best way to have kids, by the way - let someone else do all the heavy labour, and i get the belly raspberries, the finger and toe nibbling, and the general spoiling of the little person.

Alison Cross said...

oh how lovely! I *love* other people's children. You can hand them back.

Ali x

the polish chick said...
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the polish chick said...

i know!

in this way i also have a cat (next door), a dog (upstairs), a COSTCO membership (two towns over), and am working on a sailboat (in the next town). add to that a second hand baby and my joy is complete, without altering my lifestyle one iota!