23 August, 2010

an almost exhaustive list of all things

small things; slightly larger things; round things; things that run around in circles for no apparent reason; things made of high quality belgian chocolate; things featuring pasted photos of small furry animals riding bicycles; things that don't mean it when they say "sorry"; blue things; regular things; things with sparkles on top; feral things; sad things; things that, given half the chance, would bite the hand that feeds them; things that smell like rancid cheese; cute things; monstrous things; tall long-legged things that are even a little sexy; wobbly things; things that make you think of the desert for some reason; things with spikes; things that taste better the next day; mysterious things that rattle in the back of the car; things made almost entirely of molybdenum; vaguely turtle-like things; things that feel like silk but are actually polyester; gargantuan things that growl and stomp on tokyo; things that make you all warm inside; black shiny things made in germany; sharp things; things that get wrinkly in the water; things that are nice to the touch; things that piss off your mom; things that begin with the letter Q; things that rotate clockwise; things that don't; sugar-free things that can't hide the fact; things you said in anger; feathered things; things that devour other things; things that are not on this list; all other things.


puncturedbicycle said...

Wow, I applaud your attention to detail.

Nice background! I love a poppy.

Alison Cross said...

Love it!

Ali x

jools said...

hello, old friend