27 July, 2010

oh my gosh!

having just come back from another lovely mini vacation, this one featuring vast numbers of northern europeans and americans (apparently the gorgeous inside passage just doesn't interest most canadians, which is tragic), i am throwing this out into the universe and hope that someone, somewhere answers one of the most burning questions of my existence:

why in the hell don't americans EVER say "oh my god," substituting, instead the mealy-mouthed "oh my gosh" which makes them sound like a bunch of 4-year-olds at bible camp? why? and why are canadians now picking up this disturbing trend?

come on, people, be brave, say it along with me: oh. my. GOD. it's not that hard. this isn't the old testament, YHWH isn't about to materialise out of thin air and burn you to a crisp for uttering his name, mainly because, newsflash! he doesn't exist!

everybody better?


Anonymous said...

No, he doesn't, but people will persist in thinking that the bugger really does exist. Very annoying.

puncturedbicycle said...

That old time religion is responsible for a lot of namby-pambiness, but trust me, many Americans alternate 'oh my god' with 'like' and may not say much else.

I don't say it because I am contrary and prefer the old-fashioned 'oh my word' which I learned from my lovely old auntie. I like the way it sounds.

She also used to say 'my stars' but I don't think I can carry it off, especially if I follow it up with 'fucking hell' or some other colourful contrasting phrase.

Country Gent said...

Will my standard "Holy Shit!" suffice?

the polish chick said...

i like "my stars" a lot. i think you could totally pull it off. how about "my fucking stars"? that has a nice ring to it?