06 July, 2010

oh lord, let the poo slinging begin!

hi. yes i realise it's july. and i haven't written anything. it's been busy over at the monkey household, what with mr. monkey's lovely sister dropping by on canada day and staying until monday. we dragged the poor exhausted girl tither and yon, and then back again, awaking her at ungodly hours (if i can't sleep, fuck all y'all!) and driving to the most picturesque bits of the island we could find, all to make her feel like her life in edmonton is a miserable sham of an existence. i think it worked.

other than that, it looks like summer has finally come to (awakening in some groggy drunken haze on a strange couch, make-up all over its face, lacking several essential undergarments, no doubt) and is making us HOT. god, it feels so good to be hot again. in fact, it feels so good that you can watch me here, on the couch, inside, typing away like a spastic moron because the sun hurts my mole-like eyes. but i'll be out there again in a jiffy.

thursday morning will find us on our way to a camping trip to telegraph cove, where large numbers of orcas congregate, doubtlessly harassing hapless passers-by with rude comments about their size. apparently this is bc's prime whale watching spot, and you can even kayak with the beasties. this fills me with the same type of giddy excitement as rock climbing and skiing black diamond runs - think nausea and uncontrollable weeping. just consider it for a minute: would you want a 9 tonne critter with the word "killer" in its official title swimming under your unprotected butt? yeah, me neither. i'll let you know how it went, ok?


Anonymous said...

Have a great time! Come back soon!

puncturedbicycle said...

I too have a love/hate relationship with the heat. On one hand, it does feel great to not be shivering for a change. On the other hand, here I sit indoors tapping at the keyboard. I run from shady spot to shady spot avoiding the itchy-making sun and I am pitifully lazy about all the extra grooming required to expose any flesh without frightening passersby. Oh well, it will be gone soon enough and we'll all be sad!
Enjoy your hols! x