11 July, 2010

cheeky meals with friends

this weekend, while enjoying a wildly overpriced luncheon on a patio in telegraph cove with our co-campers, b and l:

b (looking around at the marina, boats, eagles overhead and sun finally making its way though the haze): it's so nice to have lunch al fresco.

l: what? OH! oh, you mean you're not wearing underwear?!

needless to say, general laughter ensued (until the bill came).

more cetacean tales to follow. (spoiler: nobody got eaten.)


Country Gent said...

I like to eat al fresco and commando.

Anonymous said...

Of course, don't you feel el fresco whenever you go commando? I surely do!

Anonymous said...

I like to eat al fresco and commando, on wreck beach