30 June, 2010

promoted and shit!

i came home last week bursting with the good news that i had gotten a promotion at the bookstore where i volunteer. apparently, because of the stellar job i am doing in running the canadiana section, they are offering me the position of back-up supervisor, which means that if another supervisor is unable to make it, i would work in the store, supervise the staff (WORK, BITCHES! WORK!!!), and then lock it all up. and get paid! considering how much i love the bookstore, this is a fantastic thing. but before you get too excited about what an amazing, smart and cool person i am (oh, go ahead, get a little excited), let me be frank:

yes, i am a shining star at the bookstore, but mainly because the majority of the volunteers are elderly, frail or have developmental issues. we're talking people who are unable to work for a living for a variety of reasons. hell yeah, i'm a shining star. who wouldn't be?

but still, i am happy. a back-up supervisor! can you believe it?

i'd like to thank my parents, mr. monkey, the baby lord jebus, and my beloved high school english teacher, for bringing me thus far.


Country Gent said...

Congratulations. I'm going to overlook that you didn't thank me. Remember, I read to you one time when you were too inebriated to focus.

puncturedbicycle said...

Well done! A promotion is always nice, even when you feel you were the only suitable choice, particularly as you love working there. Lovely news...

the polish chick said...

thanks, you two. it's sweet to be congratulated, even if the promotion is contingent on one of the actual real supervisors failing to show up for whip wielding duty.

antoine, any time i am really inebriated with you around, chances are pretty spectacularly high that you, too, are really inebriated. you might have been drooling and staring vacantly into the middle distance, but i can guarantee you did not read me a thing!