18 June, 2010

pillow talk

last night while spooning in bed:

moi (muttering): mandible, manDIble, MANdible, mandible

mr. monkey: hm?

moi: the lower jaw is called the mandible. the upper jaw is called the maxilla.

mr.m: hm.

moi: have i ever told you that?

mr. m: no.

moi: wow! in all the years we've been together i've never told you that? isn't that weird?

mr.m: very weird. go to sleep.


puncturedbicycle said...

There used to be a shop in Manhattan called Maxilla and Mandible which sold bones and skeletons and stuff.
I've tagged you for a meme if you fancy it, but no obligation if you don't... x

Country Gent said...

The question should be here - "Why are you muttering mandible?"

the polish chick said...

thanks, bicycle, of course i will do it. being tagged is a kind of recognition and recognition means i exist and i like existing very very much.

monsieur antoine, i have no idea why i was muttering it. doesn't your brain do strange things right before you fall asleep?