11 June, 2010

one cider* is all it took

can't write. too tired. eyes blurry. gaaahh.

*yeah. one cider wrapped around a work week:** like someone knocked out by a silk handkerchief, wrapped around a large brick.***

**don't hate me. it's not that i'm so fucking delicate, it's just that i'm currently not used to working so much because i've been fucking unemployed for months. OK??!!!

***my thanks to douglas adams who is, and will continue to be, sorely missed.


jools said...

sounds awesome. what's the brand?

the polish chick said...

plain old bc growers. they've been getting less and less yummy. now they taste like ester apples instead of real apples. but if you want a similar effect, just don't drink ANYTHING for a couple of weeks.