13 June, 2010

hey! who knew? humans aren't all evil!

this weekend mr. monkey and i had ourselves a little adventure that served to reestablish our faith in humanity. it's not funny and there's little swearing, so if you came here specifically for that, you might want to dip into the archives and come back later.

we had decided to take a day trip to hornby island. to get there from vancouver island one takes a 10 minute ferry to denman island, then drives across the lovely countryside to the other side of the island and catches a 10 minute ferry to hornby. the ferries are timed so that you have plenty of time to make your way from one side to the other in a leisurely manner without having to ignore the homemade "SLOW DOWN: CHILDREN PLAYING" signs.*

we spent a gorgeous sunny day on hornby, meandering from beach to beach and from park to park, stopping only long enough to sip some local mead and have a picnic on the beach. the last ferry was to leave at 7:15 and since we made it to the dock with plenty of time to spare, we thought nothing of the fact that we were the only ones there. except that there was a ferry there and it was unloading and look! a large schedule proclaimed that the last ferry on every day but friday was 6pm. mr. monkey wondered over to the disembarking staff and was told that we had indeed missed the last ferry (over an hour ago) and would be spending the night on beautiful hornby island. oops.

at that point in the proceedings, another car pulled over behind us and i thought to myself, "oh good, another moron; at least we are not alone in our stupidity" except, gentle poultries, this was not another moron. this was an elderly couple who had only just disembarked, seen us standing there staring forlornly at the schedule, and decided to turn around and offer us a place to stay for the night. now as the lady got out of the car i saw a bible in her hand and had that sinking feeling that we were about to become a captive audience for some particularly rabid sect of christianity. alas, i was wrong.

we followed them to a local pizza joint where we sat on the picnic bench under an apple tree and joined them for supper, then followed them to their small cabin where we were given a bed, towels, toothbrushes, a nightie, and, the following morning, breakfast of fruit, homemade bread and jam.

these people do not run a bed and breakfast. they do not preach. they are a sweet lovely warm retired couple with seven grown children, who simply saw someone in need of a bed and offered it to them.

wow. that's all i can say.

*mr. monkey always wonders what kind of parents let their children play on the highway, but hey, who are we to judge?


Michele said...

What a lovely turn of events! As I was reading your blog for today, I said "wow" too, then read your "wow".

My mind flashes back to when I worked as a waitress at a restaurant in The Foothills Hospital in Calgary, early 1980s. An older couple, also in their 80s, were frequent patrons. They always left a generous tip, no matter how long they sat waiting or how often they saw our fingers dipped into the gravy on their plates as we brought them to their table. They were good to each other, and he was always the perfect gentleman toward her. They would hold hands across the table. They were kind, and enjoyed spreading their kindness around. A rare gem that sticks with me to this day.

Anonymous said...

What a great story. I want to be just like them when I grow up. I can be a selfish bitch at times. I'm working on it (not on being a selfish bitch, in case you're confused).

jools said...

that's traveling magic. i love stories like that!

Country Gent said...

Wow indeed.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Chapter 2 of this story; when you tell us how your robbed them blind before torching their cabin.

the polish chick said...

shhh, anonymous, we don't talk about that.