07 June, 2010

dude, have you seen my head?

following the whole home invasion thing, i am now constantly on the lookout for unwanted multi-legged things walking on me. and it seems like all the time now multi-legged things are walking on me. it's very annoying. and it makes it even harder to fall asleep than usual.

moi: monkey, could you please come over here and check if something is walking on my head?

mr. monkey: i'm busy over here, gluing things, check your own head.

moi: that's it! next time you need me to check if something is walking on your head i'll ignore you and we'll see how you feel.

he came right over. i sure can make a mean threat, no?

jesus, i think something's crawling on my back...

1 comment:

Country Gent said...

I've nothing to comment on your bug problem - yuck - but I want a bucket of bubkes. Please.