13 June, 2010

caprine reflections

why is it that as i age i seem more and more to resemble a goat? is it just the fact that i am ridiculously tired tonight? if i get some sleep will the goatiness fade and my human features reestablish themselves more firmly on my visage?

when i was young and stupid,* there was a time that i seemed (to my own shallow stupid self at least) to get better and better looking with every passing year. at this rate, i stupidly, and only half-facetiously, thought to myself, smiling coyly in the mirror, i shall be the hottest octogenarian around. which year was it, precisely, that put an end to this, real or imagined, upward pulchritudinous trend? when did i saunter away from my sylphlike figure and start to casually canter towards the caprine?

at the very least, i am far less caprine than sarah jessica parker is equine and i can remain thankful for such small mercies as are granted me in my declining years.

meh eh eh eh.**

*a large window of time. some would argue it is an age that is still upon us.
**sound goats make. i googled it.

edit. note: having gotten a full 8h of sleep, i can happily announce that as of this morning, the goat has left the building.


Michele said...

That's the sound of a Canadian goat.

Anonymous said...

I look more and more like my mother. Which I suppose is better than looking like a goat. As long as I don't get her personality too.