17 June, 2010


i had an epiphany today - instead of hating my body and perpetually feeling guilty about eating this or that, i will simply throw out my bikini. brilliant and simple, no?

i am so profoundly sick and tired of that stretchy bastard sitting in my lingerie drawer, judging me, making comments under its breath about that chocolate mousse tart i had on wednesday (it was delicious!) and about that glass of wine i had with dinner today, that i decided the time has come to embrace the moi of reality, and wave bye bye to the moi of fantasy.*

i think that since i last looked fantastic in a bikini around the time i was still jail-bait, the hope of looking great in one in my pre-40's is a little ludicrous. i will show off my killer legs, my toned arms, and my belly? well, i'll leave that to your imagination.

*the moi of fantasy has a washboard stomach and can keep her mouth shut. i know, i know, that's why it's a fantasy.


Anonymous said...

Swimming costumes are so much more flattering and hold your stomach in. Or are you thinking of skinny-dipping?

the polish chick said...

either way i'd look way better than in a bikini.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea. Why didn't I think of that? So the three tea biscuits (from the pulse booklet you gave me) slathered in yummy butter I just ate should have been enjoyed guilt-free? I'll make sure I enjoy the next three.

the polish chick said...

and how were the biscuits? i might need to ask for the recipe!