05 May, 2010

the three nippled freak speaks out against discrimination

well, my little poultries, it's good and well that tomorrow is my last day at this particular office. after yesterday's little stabbing/drowning incident, i thought i'd had enough. today was a lovely half day, until in the last minutes of my last patient, a large chunk of the metal tip of my instrument broke off inside the patient's mouth, ricocheted off her tooth and went flying into ether. she must have seen the panic in my eyes, because she calmly told me, "it went that-a-way, don't worry."

let us hope that tomorrow i don't gouge someone's eyeball out, or carve out a tonsil, or shove a handful of double ended hu-friedy gracey curettes down their throat. fingers crossed?

hurray for friday, house cleaning and laundry day, a day in which my chances of inflicting harm on an innocent bystander are fairly low.

remember, cross those fingers, i have no idea what the wi-fi situation is like in women's maximum security prison and i know you'd miss me.


Anne said...

I'm pretty sure women in prison are better connected than I am, so you should be fine. And if not, I'll send you a carton of cigarettes to fix it.

Hang in there!

the polish chick said...

thanks, anne! i knew i could count on you!