15 May, 2010

revelations to boggle the collective mind

as i walked along the beach today, i suddenly realised that in all likelihood i am not as smart now* as i was ten years ago. at this rate of mental deterioration the best i can hope for is that in another ten years i will be too stupid to care.

every time i walk along the beach i harbour a strange half-hope half-fear that i will discover a body part of some kind, gnawed by crabs but still recognizably human. this time i talked myself into this so completely that at one point in my walk i found myself getting impatient and thinking, come ON already! where's the goddamn finger? i haven't got all day!

i dare you to come up with a definition of "tendency" off the top of your head that does not have the word "tend" in it. it's not easy, is it? huh? or is this just the hangover talking? probably the latter. never mind, carry on.

ah yes, the hangover. last night we had a double date with a couple we had met at a slow food event several weeks ago. they love food. they love wine. they love to talk. let's just say we clicked. last night's dinner reaffirmed the clickage and we ate, laughed, talked and drank our way through a delicious greek feast. good times. let's just say i woke up this morning feeling less than stellar. when will i learn?**

so what's with the silent treatment? haven't i been good to you? haven't i given you free dermatological advice obtained at great personal pain and suffering? haven't i tried to entertain you? haven't i bared my soul? come on, you bastards***, talk to me!!!

* i blame the drink, what else?

** judging by the above-mentioned galloping stupidity, probably never.

***and i mean that quite fondly, i hope you know that.


Geneviève said...

I say it wouldn't hurt you to be less smart. Ignorance and stupidity are bliss. It sure would make it easier to live happily without constantly feeling guilty about wasting (fossil fuels, water, food, etc.) and about having more than most other people on the planet. How dare we allow ourselves to succumb to depression...we have no right. Shit, where the hell did that come from?! Too many TED talks for this girl.

ps I'm always there reading but mostly have nothing intelligent or clever to say.

jools said...

tendency - a regular inclination to engage in an action. E.g. "She has a tendency to look for the severed finger that hides in even the nicest situations."

jools said...

The older and less smart I get, the more I come to realize the young are not as smart as they think they are.

the polish chick said...

oh sure, dazzle me with your amazing tend-less tendency definition. i was walking and thinking and i had a hard time with it, thanks to my fuzzy brain. my friends are far too smart for me. duh.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, that's what you look for? I'm usually looking for people doing it on the down-low. I feel stupider, but more enlightened. Also half resigned.

the polish chick said...

this is a seriously rocky beach, anonymous, they'd have to be pretty dedicated. and not mind decomposing seaweed that looks like pig skin. but whatever floats some people's boat, i suppose.

and it's not exactly a choice, more sort of a morbid offshoot of watching too much law & order.