13 May, 2010

poultries, pretty poultries

one of the members of the dermatologist's Staff Of Many, informed me, in the hushed tones of one defying the boss's edicts*, that she routinely uses neutrogena SPF 30 moisturiser and when summer comes, she switches to SPF 50. to counteract the bluish whiteness of the aluminum thingoxide (fucked if i can remember), she mixes in a little of her foundation. and now i've shared this secret with you.

let me tell you - the woman had fantastic skin. i think it's time for my SPF 15 to be downgraded to use on the hoof-like skin on my dainty size 42 feet.

*i believe he preferred that she sell their own overpriced cremes and mousses made from the ground up horns of unicorns and stardust. or the microdermabrasion.

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