09 May, 2010

norah jones has slightly crossed eyes - did you know that? you're welcome!

today we were given two bottles of chocolate orange port, several half empty bottles of hard liquor, and a big pile of national geographics* by an american whom we fed vast quantities of beets last night.

yes, another company dinner chez les monkeys.

the he and the she are lovely people who eat, drink, guffaw and even occasionally use Bad Words, god love'em. no behaving was necessary...well, minimal behaving. when it comes to mr. monkey's co-workers, he always hopes i keep the "motherfuckers" to a bare minimum, and for absolute emphasis only.

we had a good time and i managed to not talk about sex (too much) and to not mention our recent purchase.** this last bit was hard because mr. monkey thinks it's not anybody's business, whereas i, well, you might have noticed that i have a little trouble with the concept of "not anybody's business" (as evidenced repeatedly and thoroughly on le blog).

i have to say i love these early social events when i can crawl into bed more than a little tipsy and pass out before 11pm.

* it's not the lamest hostess gift ever: they're moving back to the deep south.

**land! beautiful land! ridiculously close to salty water and mountains! with trees! and neighbourhood goats! and cowses! and friendly baby cowses! and a large shed! and horses! and chickens ranging freely and depositing eggs in various interesting locales! and a farm stand! and sealions barking! and..and...and...it's GREAT!!! (all animals are neighbouring animals only and will not rely on me to feed or house them, so don't y'all be calling the SPCA on me, ok?)


Anonymous said...

What are planning on doing with the land? Build house? Monkey mansion?

the polish chick said...

a monkey mansion! mais oui! it'll have a jello pool, various swings and trapezes, a topiary banana garden and a roaming herd of feral albino pheasants. whaddya think?

Sue said...

All that in the master bedroom? How will you decorate the rest of the house?