08 May, 2010

a little bit of polish

no, i will not post drunk. you can plead all you want, but i'm just not gonna do it. all the mean anonymouses will gang up on me, and i cannot handle it. i just cannot. i'm too fragile emotionally. so you can just go away. i'm going to do a couple of hard rounds of spider solitaire and call it a night.

stop staring. i'm not changing my mind. i'm just not. besides, i have nothing to report. another flawless dinner with a couple of mr. monkey's co-workers.

now go away and take that pathetic romanian orphan pout with you!


just go now.


jesus, whatddya want me to do? call the cops? get a restraining order? you'll just have to entertain yourselves tonight. i'm sorry.

good night.

1 comment:

Geneviève said...

Fine then.