25 May, 2010

from a bunch of teenagers, overheard on the skytrain

guy: the g spot is 3 inches inside the vagina.

group: what? how the hell do you know that?

guy: i fucking research this shit.

girl: "vaginas for dummies"?

guy: yeah. that's it.


Anonymous said...


Geneviève said...

Gotta love teenagers. Soon enough my son will be making such statements. He already says interesting things he clearly does not fully understand (or he would not be saying them in front of his mother).

Sue said...

My teenaged daughter said "he's a little prick" in the presence of our Pastor two weeks ago. In her defence she truly did not know that it wasn't the best word to use. She has an incredible vocabulary but somehow didn't know that "prick" meant more than "brat".

Country Gent said...

I really must update my library. Does Amazon carry it?

Greg said...

I hope it was more of a picture book than anything. Perhaps a Playboy or Hustler?