21 April, 2010

moderation is the new excess

i wanted for a long time now to write you a poem featuring moose singing of love. just now, i attempted a traditional haiku format but was unsuccessful in finding a good solid filler of 7 syllables. you'll have to wait longer, my loves, but i can promise you* that it will be worth it.

*hell, i can promise you whatever i please. i can promise to stop drinking and swearing so much, but we all know the likelihood of that; a girl has her blog persona to think of, you know.

* * *

much later (like, 12 minutes or thereabouts):

derivative text
that old post modern curse
the moose sing of love

so, what'd you think?


Anonymous said...

Best poem I've read today!

the polish chick said...

and that's saying something...but what is it saying? say what? nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Anorexia is the new obesity!