07 April, 2010


for the last few months, mr. monkey and i have been lost in LOST. we have become veritable addicts whose bedtime routine is performed with shaking hands, eyes glazed, minds already on the treat that is to come as we throw ourselves under the covers and set up the laptop for the night's viewing.

it's a good show, though it's no dexter and it certainly is no battlestar galactica, but hey, it is addictive in a way that frightens me a little.

what is LOST, you ask? let me tell you!

a bunch of people survive a plane crash on a mysterious tropical island and proceed to get angry at each other. as the seasons progress, there is more and more anger. each episode features angry people lying, yelling, snarling and running, and pointing guns at each other's heads. then they briefly get over it, only to be angered by the next thing that comes along and the cycle continues. nobody ever tells anybody else the truth, until the truth comes out and makes more people angry. mr. monkey and i spend a lot of time yelling at the screen, "JUST TELL HER THE TRUTH ALREADY!!!!" this doesn't seem to work.

meet jack, he's the (self-appointed) head honcho, who happens to be a (brilliant, natch!) doctor. he also suffers from (obviously) a messianic complex and (boringly) daddy issues. he is the angriest of them all. he even pushes around a tiny thai tattoo artist who dares to tell him she is unwilling to tattoo his "true self" on his arm because it is against her cultural mores. he doesn't care and forces her to. i suspect the ink says "UPTIGHT ASSHOLE" but i could be wrong. perhaps it says "MISOGYNISTIC DICKWAD."

meet kate. she flirts with every man on the island. she killed her father for, what seems to me, not a particularly great reason. she runs away a lot. she is shown to be Good. we are meant to like her, and like her i do, until she starts with the uncontrollable flirting.

meet john. he is Mystical. he is Miraculous. he has an intense blue gaze and i really like him even though he occasionally does stupid things. at least he isn't angry all the time.

then there are the rest of the people, all of whom are gorgeous, slim, buff and very very well proportioned (except for hurley who provides comic relief, and rose & the dentist who, perhaps are meant to as well, although they come across more as a boring ad for divorce lawyers). there are the core survivors, and then there are the background survivors, who play the same role as the red shirted crew members on star trek. if a bunch of people are running and being shot at, the background survivors provide fodder for the bullets, thus sparing our stars the ignominy of death. of course, sometimes good people must also die, but if that is the case, we are forewarned by so many clues that in the end we pray for a swift and sure ending to stop all the hints already.

there are tropical fruit, there are mysterious creatures, there is a smoke monster, and so many coincidences that you just Know that there is Something More to this. we're hoping that unlike battlestar galactica, the writers of lost will actually take all of the hints and clues and built a nice reasonable conclusion out of them. and until they do, we'll just continue to feed our little habit. check it out, dude!


Anna Maria said...

Have you seen The Wire?

the polish chick said...

no, i have not. is it good? we have no TV so i am often out of the loop and rely on the kindness of strangers to suggest new shows.

Anna Maria said...

"Is it good?"You jest, my lady.
It is better than Lost, take it from someone who's addicted to all the best TV series.
Look it up and you'll see, 9.7 out of 10 on imdb.com:

the polish chick said...

i guess what i like about lost as opposed to my other addiction like law & order, is that it is so outlandish and far out, so unrealistic, that it is true escapism. cop shows, however brilliant, make me feel a little dirty after, like i am wallowing in the misery of the human condition, whereas lost is like a sci fi show - suspend your disbelief and go for a ride. for that very reason i think i'm giving up on dexter, just too dark for me, delicate flower that i am...

Anonymous said...

I dunno about Lost (never watched it and, sorry, don't intend to) but please Kippered tell me I haven't been bothering you and...thassit.

I am addicted to House, though!

Charmed xx

the polish chick said...

bothering me? why? was it you throwing clods of dirt at the window? if so, yes. if not, no.

and no, don't start on lost. it's like candy-coated heroin, and with similar nutritional value.

Anna Maria said...

True, it is a cop show and it is certainly not escapist, in fact - it is the opposite, as it is possibly the most realistic cop show ever made. But the quality of writing, the scope of moral issues - it is often been compared to Shakespeare, and rightly so. It goes right to the heart of the biggest questions: what is truth? what is right and what's wrong? are people essentially bad, or evil? etc etc
For escapism, I watch House MD, Brothers & Sisters, Greys Anatomy...

Anna Maria said...

Sorry, meant "good or evil".

the polish chick said...

oh, i'm not going to discount it simply because it's realistic. i take my TV the same way i take any other form of entertainment - i really don't care about genre, provided it is well written and acted. i feel the same way about books - mystery, pulp, romance, "literature" etc, really doesn't matter as long as they are well written.
we will watch twin peaks next, simply because i missed it first time around (can't think of why!) and then i'll give the wire a shot.
as for fluff - i like NCIS, house, bones and of course the food network, which i could watch for hours!