09 April, 2010

let's git some colchoor into dat der girl!

have i ever told you that i hate museums? no, not the ones with actual art in them, those i love more or less depending on the quality of their early 20th century permanent exhibits.
i love the NAG, i love the chicago art institute, i love MOMA and the guggenheim (not least because i believe that in one of the last two i saw two petrified turds in a big glass box - ART!). i even have high hopes for edmonton's gorgeous new art gallery.

what i despise is the kind of museum that stuffs animals and puts them into a realistically painted natural habitat complete with dusty grasses. or makes me look at bugs. or has teeny tiny pictures of historical events interspersed with guns and old furniture and lots of small print explanations. or small scale recreations of life in a certain time or place. or, as it turns out, guitars and mr, spock's uniform. ok, so the uniform was cool, i am a nerd after all. still, the seattle music museum was just more of the same. oh look, it's kurt cobain's last deodorant! and a pair of athletic socks once worn by etta james! and buddy holly's tooth brush! le yawn.

of course we made it fun: we banged repeatedly in a belligerently arrhythmic manner on a communal drum; we entered the "recording studio" where we rocked out until we were asked to leave, on account of the toplessness of the men in the group more than the sheer shittiness of our musical stylings; to top it all off, we had rock star pictures taken (the boys kept their shirts on for this one (as did the girls)).

still, i found it dull, dull, dull. but do not take it personally, seattle. i was also bored stiff at the museum of civilization. things were marginally better, though still rather boring, at the war museum. i dislocated my jaw yawning at the royal alberta museum. i prayed for swift extinction at the royal tyrrell museum. in fact, i think i shall give up entirely on this whole museum thing, and just stick to art. especially if it's dessicated poop in a glass box.


Geneviève said...

I get museum fatigue in about five minutes. And art gallery fatigue in about ten minutes. It's the standing I hate most of all.

the polish chick said...

for me, i suspect it's the looking at things i'm supposed to find interesting but don't. intelligentsia guilt, perhaps? i don't know, i just get bored to tears. even with art museums, i tend to do little bits at a time.

i loved living in chicago and going in on free tuesdays. i always had very firm plans to check it all out but always ended up going to my favourite area, staring at my favourite pics for half an hour or so, and then going shoe shopping.

it's sad but i just realised that i can handle a hell of a lot more shopping than museuming.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I found one hour for The Hermitage in St Petersburg quite adequate.