01 April, 2010

dude, happy egg!

having been pinched by a less than charitable comment on a post i have since erased (kids, don't drink and write! it is not good!) i am stewing and fomenting Deep Thoughts on selfhood, public opinion and the art of Embracing Who You Are. as you can see from all those capital letters, this is Important Shit and i am not yet ready to share. to be perfectly honest, i may never be ready. who the hell knows. all i can say is that there are very very few people who pay more than voluble lip service to the idea of thumbing their noses at the opinion of others. oh sure, many of us say we don't care, but really, everyone (with a few notable* exceptions) wants to be loved, liked or at least not actively despised. and that's that.

we are off to rainy seattle for the easter weekend. no, we will not carve a ham and sit around with family members meditating on the sacrifice of our lord jebus christ. mainly because we are uncouth barbarians and we don't particularly care. also, we'd rather watch fish being tossed and drink overpriced caffeinated beverages at the world's first starbucks, not to mention shopping at the world's best store ever, where they have $1.99 wine. yes. $1.99 wine. who needs salvation when you have cheap alcoholic beverages within the reach of your hand? i think even jebus himself would agree with me there. (leave a comment in the comments section, jebus).

have a joyous egg'n bunny day, everyone, and i'll talk to you later.

*and by notable i mean a range of slightly-to-moderately sociopathic all the way to all out genocidal


Anonymous said...

I bless your cheap shit $1.99 wine.

Peace. Out.


Anna Maria said...

Hope you have a great time in Seattle, home of my favourite psychiatrists;-)

pitur said...

It's jebus cripes.

Pitur said...

It's actually jebus cripes.