06 April, 2010

bees, buskers and bad coffee, or: a weekend in seattle

we spent the cold rainy easter weekend in seattle with friends. the hotel we stayed in made us feel like rock stars. i have never, ever, ever stayed somewhere where the staff were so uniformly wonderful. it made me a little nervous. was i supposed to give them wads of cash? i didn't. i sort of wanted to but my natural cheapness outweighed my desire to compensate them all for their abundant friendliness.

seattle was ok. i mean, as far as cities go i didn't hate it, but it was far far down the list of my favourite cities, easily taken and pounded into a pulp by vancouver, chicago, new york, san francisco, montreal, toronto, quebec city or london. it felt small and it had very bad coffee. also, it had ubiquitous buskers who were so terrible, i wanted nothing more than to wrench their guitars from their hands and beat them into sweet silent unconsciousness, every last one. pike place market was alright, though i prefer granville island hands down. they only tossed a couple of oysters while i was watching, so perhaps that explains my lack of enthusiasm.

so, seattle - your waterfront leaves a lot to be desired, and i really really wish your thai restaurants would not serve bees inside the curry. granted, it only happened to me and we got a free lunch out of the deal, but still, biting into something which i initially thought was a basil stem, and very quickly realised was NOT, was the low point of the trip. spitting it up in front of L's plate was not particularly polite, but there comes a point where the sudden realisation that you are chewing on something you should most definitely not be chewing on is swift and uncontrollable. i let the boys examine and identify the culprit. i could not have faced life had it been a cockroach.

the high point was being asked to "keep it down and wrap it up" during our private jam session at the museum of music. granted, we were going nuts on the guitars and drums, but i think the authorities might have most strenuously objected to my husband taking off his shirt and B following suit. but, oh, we had fun. so much better than the family before us who looked like a church band. yawn.

overall, fun, fun and more fun. comfy beds, much alcohol, yummy food and lots and lots of wind and rain as well as very friendly drunken bums explaining how canada got its name (drawing letters from a bag: "C, eh? N, eh? D, eh?"). good times.

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Anne said...

I _love_ that joke. Thank you! I hadn't heard it in years - and it's still funny, at least to me :)

(WV: epica, the saga of your journey)

PS How is yoga? Email me!