19 March, 2010

you asked for it. you really really did...well, one of you did, anyways.

i have just realised why today i have thrust 3 posts into the ether where in the last few weeks my output was almost nonexistent.

you see, for the last three weeks (barring the two sybaritic birthday weekends) i have abstained from both sugar and alcohol, on account of the large lard deposits that have been unaccountably accumulating in the general ventral/dorsal area of my body. and it turns out that apparently i cannot blog without the aid of sugar and/or alcohol. apparently the fact that i seem to have lost 7lb does not behove me to write, although it makes me very very happy, as it makes my pants feel less like the iron maiden and more like a butt covering device, and it makes me want to look in the mirror in a fashion other than furtive and desperate. in a word, it is good for moi, but not so much for the writing. apparently.

today i had a glass of wine. then i saw mr. monkey's unfinished glass which, as we all know* is a sin against all things good and holy, so i finished that, and i am now, thanks to wireless technology, listening yet again to the best radio station on the planet, and hey, look at that: some nice music from my favourite dj's, a nice little buzz, the occasional boat out on the water, and yowza! the girl wants to write. so i did. not that i said anything, or anything. but hey, words!

*an ancient** polish saying courtesy of my dad: "it is better that 10 000 communes burn to the ground, than that one drop of alcohol be wasted."

**you know, the communist era.

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