25 March, 2010

um...yeah...that's not it.

having published the previous post, i came to the realisation that that is not at all what i wanted to write about. what i wanted to write about is moi: an international woman of mystery. you see, yesterday at the course, i sat with some other dental hygienists and out came The Mouth again. i found myself talking non-stop to the point of nausea, and i really wanted nothing more than to shut the fuck up, but i couldn't. i don't know what it is - nerves? spastic colon? what? i really must learn to muzzle that thing because it. is. annoying. i am old enough now to realise that and having managed to muzzle it on one or two social occasions i found myself regaled with fascinating tales about...get this: OTHER PEOPLE. who knew other people had lives? aspirations? needs? adventures? i certainly didn't, having spent 30-odd years talking non-stop.

you do know that you have my permission to smack me when we meet and i do that, right? thank you. unless, of course, you genuinely want to know for some reason what is going on in my head. but for that, really, you have this blog, and that ought to be more than enough, if i do say so myself.

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