08 March, 2010


this weekend, cbc's spark had a program dedicated to the way communication has changed with the advent of new technology. one of the things they talked about was sexual texting, or sexting. tonight we were writing on our respective laptops and thought we'd give it a go. apparently it's supposed to spice up your love life.

moi: hi (followed by various endearments to which you, my poultries, are not privy)
mr. monkey: are you sexting?
moi: YES!!!
mr. m: i am sexting too.
moi: rawr!
mr. m: boob.
moi: wagga wagga
mr.m: the other boob.

and that was the end of that. but i can totally feel the spark in our marriage reignited.


Anonymous said...

sexting is titillating because it forces you to look at your own thought in written text. There nothing hotter than your own fantasies. Then there's the whole, angst filed wait for a reply.

Piotr said...

Wait 'till they do an expose on chat roulette.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid of chat roulette. One day I may try it, but not today.

Anonymous said...

Can we have an update, please? How long can we survive on just sexting?

the polish chick said...

man cannot live on sex alone, as a wise man once said. here you go. i tore my soul out and pounded it out on the keyboard into the general approximation of a post or three.