25 March, 2010

look! bunnies! bunnies everywhere!

disclaimer: there are no bunnies anywhere at all in this post.

yesterday i went out to get me some free continuing education points. this took place at the vancouver island university which, to my untutored eye, has a campus reminiscent of army barracks, except marginally less attractive. i think trees, much like interesting architecture, were found to be distracting to the student body and outlawed outright.

i pulled into the wrong (of several dozen) parking lot and had to rely on g, who had phoned at that very moment, to check a map of the campus online and talk me into the correct position. i love getting nanaimo directions via vancouver, it makes me feel like it's a small world after all (you're welcome).

the event was catered by the equally unimaginative campus caterers and comprised a dull dull dull sandwich bar with the prerequisite alfalfa sprouts, chemically flavoured cucumbers and albino tomatoes. le sigh. at least it was free...the dessert tray looked halfway to decent but because of recent developments in the monkey household* i chose not to partake.

having eaten, we sat around and listened to a bald man talk at length and with unabashed enthusiasm about periodontal defects, tissue grafting, and biomimetic protein used in the regeneration of bone. don't you wish you were moi? yes, it was that good.

*i have recently decided that the only dessert i eat will be that made from scratch by myself** (or someone i know). this accomplishes two things: i eat less dessert, but i eat better dessert. creme brulee used to be the notable exception, seeing as how it was impossible to produce at home, except mr. monkey fucked that up by making me some for my birthday, so it's off the list!

**thanks a fat lot, michael pollan! and i mean that in both an utterly sincere, and bitter and twisted ways, cause that's the way i swing, baby!

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