02 March, 2010

in which i gleefully eat my words but continue to be obstinate on the whole "own the podium" slogan

ok, ok, ok, we did well. we kicked ass, gold-wise and all, and did it all in macgyver fashion, at the very last minute. good job, sweet land of mine. you have surpassed my expectations, expectations that i kept low in typical canadian fashion, expectations that i felt the "own the podium" slogans did little to boost, expectations, in fact, that were calibrated precisely to allow me some peace of mind during the stressfest of the 2010 olympics.

some highlights of the last weekend we spent in vancouver:

  • spending face time with a virtual friend and finding out it's all good.

  • mr. monkey being accidentally whacked in the noggin by a diminutive transit employee wielding a day-glo orange plastic baton.

  • moi, having first my pant leg, then my finger, right up to the last knuckle, bitten by a super cute feisty needle-toothed puppy* right on cambie bridge.

  • watching The Game in a hippy commercial drive diner with a big happy bunch of lesbians, eco-mamas, chubby hipster chicks, skinny hipster boys, babies, toddlers, friends and assorted dreadlocked, hairy-armpitted waitresses, all of whom (except maybe the babies) spontaneously booed the big screen the minute harper's waxy old mug made an appearance, seated next to gretzky, doubtlessly hoping some love would rub off. as if. who knew the hippies were hockey fans? then again, at that point in the proceedings, i think even the violent black-masked protesters were cheering our team on, in some dank subterranean headquarters.

  • watching a guy strip down naked in front of us and take off on a patriotic streak, because nothing says "oh canada" like having your nuts on public display on a ridiculously crowded downtown street. yes, i took a picture. unfortunately mr. monkey was so embarrassed by the whole thing he would not let me snap it until the dude was just one little naked find-waldo ass in the crowd. who knew i was married to a puritan?

find naked ass waldo!

* 1/4 pug, 3/4 cocker spaniel - now imagine that particular love-match if you will!

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