09 February, 2010

tall, blonde and handsome

who stole the "e" from blonde? since when is specifying the feminine considered sexist or rude? what in the hell is up with that, my little poultries? i think that if i see another woman described as a blond, i shall scream. and ladies, being called an actress instead of an actor is neither sexist nor offensive, it is a description of a job, no more, no less.

come on. we've already turned the chairman into a chair, thus depriving the term not only of gender but of actual humanity (i shall NOT be a piece of furniture. i refuse to!) all in the name of some ridiculous sense of linguistic equal opportunity.

guess what, we are not the same. some of us have breasts and vaginas. some have penises. and some have confusing permutations of the above. but we are not the same and thus should not be offended by being named - man, woman, other. after all, if i have a child, by extension of this ridiculous trend, i should be called its parent; should we entirely do away with the terms mother and father as they could be seen as offensive, sexist and limiting?

all this is dumb and does little to alleviate actual real inequalities in pay, workload and political opportunities. so can we focus on the practical and quit murdering the language? please? thank you.

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Geneviève said...

I honestly never knew there was blond and blonde. And I call myself a communicatrice.