04 February, 2010

not a food blog, but you'd never know it

i invented a salad for lunch that was so very very good that i just had to share it with you. here goes:

1 fennel bulb, washed, trimmed, halved then sliced very thinly
1 generous handful of flat-leaf parsley, washed and dried and torn off the stems
1 orange, peeled, halved and sliced thinly (fancy people would take off the pith but i couldn't be bothered)
a bit of feta, crumbled (don't ask me how much, it was a bit)
a handful of walnuts (toasted if you remember, i was far too hungry)
a splash of nice olive oil
a squirt of lemon or lime (i used lime)
some salt, fresh ground pepper to taste

toss, sit, eat, sigh with contentment.

this tastes way better than it has any right to and took advantage of everything that was currently sitting in my fridge, looking forlorn. i suspect some pomegranate would have done rather nicely there, too, in the colour department, alas i had no forlorn pomegranate. no get thee to the greengrocer's and make this thing!

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