25 February, 2010

more podium ownership


we're doing not too badly, if i do say so myself, although i tend to just check the score after the fact. all this watching of sporting events is taking years off my life. i cannot handle the stress. in fact, if in some bizarre way i ended up in an olympic event in an actual active capacity (snarf!), i can totally visualise myself quivering in a corner on account of the nerves. that, in a nutshell, is the reason i am not an olympic athlete. well, that, coupled with a wholehearted laziness and a supreme lack of skill, speed, coordination and strength or any musculature to speak of.

so, on we go. we are not owning the podium (except in the real estate sense) but neither are the people who think they are. here, without permission, is yesterday's medals per million recap of the situation by an acquaintance of mine. read it and weep:

norway - 3.7 mpm
austria - 1.2 mpm
switzerland - 1.05 mpm
sweden - 0.87 mpm
canada - 0.45 mpm
germany - 0.29 mpm

united states - 0.09 mpm

(medals per million of population)

so, to recap: go, you sexy vikings, go!

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