05 February, 2010

adventures for the chronically pragmatic

that thursday, jerry's horoscope warned him that "strange things will happen today." jerry continued with his raisin bran and smirked. jerry always read the horoscope during breakfast, and he always smirked.

jerry smirked at horoscopes, jerry invited black cats to cross his path (having specifically adopted three black kittens several years back), jerry opened his umbrella indoors (much to the consternation of fluffy, muffy and buffy), and the only thing that kept him from walking under ladders was healthy common sense.

jerry liked to think of himself as a no-nonsense kind of guy and that's pretty much how he was viewed by the world at large.

and so it came to pass, that as jerry drove to work that thursday, taking his usual route, he was abducted by aliens.

the end


Geneviève said...

LOL! Perfect for a Friday evening after a long, long week. Thanks friend.

jools said...
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Anonymous said...

Somehow I read (having specifically adopted three LEGGED black kittens several years back).

Anyhow, still happy with my internet wife...