03 February, 2010

dinner with bossmen revisited

it went well. i did not get drunk and dance the fandango (what in the hell is the fandango? could i even dance it if i were so inclined? does it require a set of skills outside my scope of practice? does it ask that the dancer touch her elbows to her arse? are there flaming swords involved? why do i not know this? why?), the food all turned out although the greens were a tad overcooked on account of ex-boss getting lost and having to face off with some deer on his way to our place, and, most importantly, i expressly did not mention fecal-centric sex acts, although sex acts were mentioned and not by me. that'd be ex-boss. boss from texas is far too tame, though he did, at one point, demonstrate how a gorilla walks. apparently i was doing it all wrong.*

the evening was a raging success - the foodie asked for seconds, the non-foodie ate everything on his plate in a slow and methodical way that put our sow-like scarfling to shame, and everyone had a lovely time. if mr. monkey fails to get a promotion, ** he cannot blame me at all.

*as part of my tough grrrl self preservation technique, i walk like a gorilla when walking alone after dark. it's supposed to say to possible assailants that i am tough, fierce and really like bananas, all of which causes them to have second thoughts, cause have you ever smelled banana breath? dude, it's as bad as coffee and almost as bad as cheese.

**mr. monkey would kill me if i got him a promotion. he's discovering as the years roll on, that he has little interest in a Career, Networking For Success, or Climbing Corporate Ladders. i suspect he'd be really happy making pottery and most likely good at it. he's got that patience thing going, and a natural kindness to clay.***

***no, i don't know what i'm talking about. but it sounded good. come on, admit it!


Country Gent said...

Arse? You spent entirely too much time living in Fort Mac!

the polish chick said...

no. i spend entirely too much time reading british blogs. big difference.

jools said...

poop... deer... gorilla... texas... you have a fun brain!