25 February, 2010


why is it that the very act of contemplating any kind of dietary restrictions makes me crave cake? sweet, sweet cake...oh cake, how i adore thee, dream of thee, long to gently crumble thee in my dentition, oh cake, you weaken me and make me a lesser woman, and still i love thee, cake!

(pms? is that you knocking?)

i tell you, if it wasn't for the silliness of the penis, i'd totally vote to be a man in my next life, but who the hell wants to have his reproductive organs swinging goofily in between one's legs? that's just nuts!


Geneviève said...

I'd take the penis over female plumbing any day of the week. Granted, it's not too smart to have your organs hanging about just waiting to get kicked, but still.

Country Gent said...

Take it from someone who's had one for a few decades, ownership is fun.

Anne said...

well, technically, it's not _just_ nuts.

Jude said...

Hi PC: you HAVE to publish. that's all there is to it...love your blog...Judith

the polish chick said...

ok jude, you wanna be my agent? cause i'm all creative over here, with none left over for the practical aspects of this thing.