13 January, 2010

will you still love me when my brain is gone?

if you think that i am indulging in the very worst kind of hypochondria when i say that my mind is failing, let me tell you that today i almost forgot to buy wine. yes, you heard me correctly. i almost failed to buy wine. i almost drove right by the liquor store and only managed to turn off in a highly dangerous manoeuvre in the last nano second that nearly killed me and the van full of nuns and preschoolers that happened to be in the next lane.*

and then i picked up 6 bottles of wine for me, and a bottle of rum for mr. monkey. if you think that's a bit unfair, let me tell you that i bought him the good expensive rum that he likes, not the captain morgan's crap that he claims makes him violently sick (and yet, scowling, making ptooie faces, retching all the way, the brave man managed to kill a bottle in a disturbingly short amount of time, go figger).

all is well in the monkey household, now that we have our liquor. no more fist fights brought on by DT's. no more growling at each other from our respective corners where we hole up sipping mouthwash. no more smashed up furniture in a howling rage at the lack of somefink to take the edge off. nah. we're good. we're good.

and lest you think i am some kind of uncultured lush, let me tell you this, mister - today i also bought tickets to the ballet. yup. me and my man are gonna get gussied up, and go see some fruits in tights prance around the stage to joni mitchell music. whaddya think about that?

* why is it always nuns and preschoolers and never a limo full of mafia bad guys, huh? makes you wonder about the nature of this world we live in, don't it?


Anonymous said...

i saw that show! it was excellent. i hope you like it, too. and you drink too much. - jools

the polish chick said...

nah, not really. most days i stick to the official allotment of 1-2 glasses of wine a day. or less. it's a rare event that i have more.