15 January, 2010

this, that, and The Other

we're going away for the weekend to tofino, for some mid-winter* storm watching. it'll be two days of long damp walks on the beach, drinking wine by the fire, and trying to pry mr. monkey's fingers off his laptop's keyboard. my inner bitch is hoping their wi-fi won't work.

mr. monkey emailed me to remind me to bring bear spray. god knows this is the time of year that black bears abound, lounging on the white sands of long beach, umbrella drinks in hand, towels modestly draped over their midriffs.

to get there, we must brave a steep and winding road. i believe i might do the thing i usually do, and spend the time with my head neatly wedged between my knees, hyperventilating lightly. it doesn't really help, but does make the time pass by.

*it feels patently bizarre talking of winter in this here land. it is green. yesterday i walked by a tree whose one branch had already burst into tiny pink blossoms. the magnolia buds are huge, silver and furry, and ready to go. winter, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Winter indeed. But if this summer is anything close to ordinary prepare for lots of sun, and endless days of >25 degrees

Anonymous said...

Lucky, lucky you. I get to work this weekend. And I'm having a hard time getting going. You know you're procrastinating when you meticulously clean the keyboard of your computer. I even watered the plants, the poor things.

Have a lovely time on Long Beach.