19 January, 2010

a question for the desk whores

good lord, i have nothing to write, nothing to say, and nothing much is happening. i am now working mondays and a careful selection of a few other days of the week (don't want to overstrain myself) and although i am not hyperventilating with hatred sunday nights, i am hardly basking in the glow of contentment and pleasure. it's more of an existential "meh." and while that hardly warrants a career change, my increasingly achy back might.

try as i might to agree with the predominant opinion (of the pragmatic masses, not the optimistic hippies) that any career change will most likely plonk me down in front of a desk 9-5 (and never mind the fact that this seems like heaven to me...well, not the 9-5 bit), i am getting to the point where let's just say i am not getting any younger, and contorting myself into a polish pretzel each time i hit an oral snag that requires the peak of my physical prowess, is not getting any easier. and frankly i am a little sick to death of this headache which refuses to go away for months on end.

so, for any desk whores out there - do you figure that sitting at your desk all day is marginally better for the body than twisting myself around patients to get out the big chunks? and if not, i guess there's always the park job of a bear pooper scooper. g, i'm counting on you to get me in there! or if i get fed up, fed up, fed up, i can just go ahead and take the damn sustainable community development program already and shut the fuck up about it. but there you have it, i am a scared little whiny child who apparently requires a good thorough thrashing from life before she becomes capable of change.


jools said...

i prefer to be known as a "paper goon", myself. and i would pick poop scooping.

Anne said...

9 to 5 sucks major arse. Just about every time I try to do it, I last a little over a year and then do something really ridiculous, usually involving a passport and bridges ablaze, with all the pent-up angst.

My rational side points out that you can take one class while still pretzeling Polishly, just to check it out, with relatively low risk. So do the damn community thingy already or I will haunt you. I mean this lovingly, of course.

Anonymous said...

Your friendly neighbourhood desk whore here, coming to you with advice.

Being at a desk has its own risks. Repetitive strain injuries associated with prolonged and long-term computer use (especially mousing) is not uncommon. As you know, I have had to go through the whole physio thing and am always on the verge of not being able to use my hands. The key is to get up often and stretch. But who the hell actually does what the physio tells them. Except my husband, of course. The fucker makes the rest of us look bad.

I agree with Anne. Seeing as you're working part-time, why don't you enrol in a couple of classes and see how it goes. The most you would lose is a bit of money.

For the record, I actually don't mind office work. Most parts of it, anyway.