26 January, 2010

midlife crisis? pourquoi pas?

i think i may be having a midlife crisis. the timing's about right: sure, i still have a couple of years left to forty, but that number has been on my mind. (did i tell you that i am dreading turning 38 because i hate the number 8? due to slight synesthesia (no, not the extreme exciting psychedelic kind, so sorry to disappoint) it is a number that seems sluggish, greyish-beige, vaguely damp and thoroughly unpleasant. i am far more looking forward to the red-brown nuttiness* of 39).

so how is this manifesting itself? mainly through an overpowering urge to run away from the (thoroughly pleasant) life i am currently living. i want to go shear sheep in the australian outback. i want to dig wells somewhere in south america (somewhere obviously in need of wells for this to be considered useful and not very strange vandalism). i want to deliver babies in rwanda (not that i have much, or indeed any, practice, but it is possible that having been a dental hygienist all these years would give me somewhat of an edge). i want to scrub elephants in whatever part of the world elephants get dirty. i want to smuggle arms to small third world nations fighting for independence from the lurching behemoth of american pseudo-democracy. i want to be a superspy. i want to kick some ass.

ok, so you're getting the general gist of my existential angst and not only ain't it pretty, it's downright dumb. still, it keeps the imaginarium nodes of my frontal brain cortex well lubricated and humming.

so, anyone want to come with me?

*oh, go ahead, make the joke. i know you want to.


Geneviève said...

Please, please take me with you! I'm in. Except for the smuggling arms part. I fear I would shoot my own foot off by accident. Considering how distracted I've been, it's entirely conceivable.

Anne said...

These sound like symptoms of January. I'm dreaming of the desert, myself. Meet me there?

the polish chick said...

ok girls, it's a date! i think a camel ride through the desert will satisfy me plenty. or we could go to uluru and have a mystical experience.

Zoe said...

Please count me in and let me know where and when to show up. I'm 38, perfectly happy and totally ready.

the polish chick said...

welcome zoe, and let me just say now: 5 marathons! wow! after my three month hiatus i seem unable to do a full 30 minutes without walking up the steep(er) bits. so kudos! come along for the midlife crisis ride!