28 January, 2010

gender bender

new friend on facebook, moi: looking at baby pictures of their little munchkin* who happens to be so deliciously adorable i decided to share with mr. monkey. i showed him several pictures, the cutest of which was a close up of the baby with a big pink bow on her big bald head.

mr. monkey: is it a boy?
moi: um...no (i frown and flip back to the big pink bow picture).
mr. monkey: well, it's just that the mother is a feminist.

*for a die-hard anti-babyist, i sure do love looking at pictures of friends' offspring. i also have had more than one emotionally raw dream of having/loving/taking care of a baby. perhaps Brain is giving me an inkling of what i'm missing. of course none of these dreams feature chronic lack of sleep, temper tantrums or non-existent social lives**

**at which point you would be completely reasonable in asking what social lives, precisely, i am talking about, reclusive hermit tendencies having been the order of the day at the monkey household in the post-christmas weeks. but we could do stuff, is all i'm sayin'. if we wanted.

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