12 January, 2010

4ever luv, or some such bunk

i went to a crap film today. i knew it would be crap but i went because i had a hankering for a romantic comedy of the type i would not want to subject mr. monkey to, and this was the only one playing. it was called leap year and you can safely pass it by.

this is a movie whose plot follows every single expected plot device known to mankind since cavemen hosted theatricals. it is so immediately obvious what will happen next that there is a certain comfort to it. it's like mashed potatoes: you know exactly what they'll taste like and sometimes you want some. with plenty of butter. and there's butter. the gruff irishman is plenty butter enough.

amy adams, on the other hand, really needs to stop playing wide eyed ingenue roles what with those prominently visible crow's feet. not that i'm judging. i've gots'em too, but then again the last time i played a wide eyed ingenue, i was maybe 14.

and finally, the thing that always gets me in romantic comedies is that grown up adult people, people with jobs, pasts, credit ratings, vehicles and mortgages, people, in a word, who should know better, continue to mistake the lust that is likely to develop between two strangers thrown together for several days for True Love which, as every scriptwriter knows, leads to Marriage. despite my deeply romantic disposition, i am continually offended by this notion, that after 3 days of sparks, of being forced to share a bed (oh the hilarity!), a kiss or two, and many zany adventures, a couple would decide to spend the rest of their lives together. how très irresponsible.

why not just shack up and call it quits when the grumpy, unpleasant, burping, albeit rather scruffily handsome cad turns out to be precisely the same, after the sexy times have worn off?

of course, the better question might be why the hell i went in the first place?


Anonymous said...

i would have gone with you to see that -jools

the polish chick said...

thanks, jools! and we'd have gone for burgers and poutine first, had a pile of junk during and possibly a drink after. and the movie would still have been a waste of time. but i appreciate the offer.

Anne said...

The only curiosity I have about this film is why it's called Leap Year. We're not in one, are we? No February 29, 2010, or am I completely backwards on this?

If you can satisfy me here, then I'll happily write off the film and get back to watching Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert do it better in It Happened One Night.

the polish chick said...

apparently there is an old tradition in ireland that women can ask men to marry them on feb 29 on a leap year. the end.

Anne said...

sigh. so it also patronizes women, _great_. thank you, I'll stay far, far away.

the polish chick said...

watch wall-e instead, if you haven't already. great chemistry between the two leads, raw emotion, solid acting, heartwarming story etc, etc. and i mean that in all sincerity.

Anne said...

yes, and if they can convey that (and so very well) through animated metal, why is it so hard to do in live action? probably 'cos it's more what you don't say than what you do. pfft, stupid humans.

another of my fave robot-love flicks is Blade Runner... admittedly also for the avant-noir clothes. oh, and the Harrison Ford. yum.

the polish chick said...

i LOVES the blade runner! and don't forget the rutger hauer who is at his creepy best. i am such a total sci fi nerd, and i have no shame about it. none at all. write me a real email, why dontcha, it's easier for the back'n forth.