10 December, 2009

where i throw up a little in my mouth on account of the goddamn unicorn cuteness of it all

hey! can we just go back to vitriolic? i occasionally obsessively return to older posts in case i missed a comma or somefink, and when i went back to the last one it made me all queasy inside. 'cause bitch, i can be as positive as the next guy*, but when i start talking cute about a next-door-cat, well, something inside me just dies.

so, let me say a few words to get that saccharine taste out of my mouth: fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

come on! say it with me! out loud! FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK!

feels good, don't it?


*as long as the next guy isn't like, you know, super positive or anything, cause then, no, i can't.


Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog by accident and read it for an hour, mesmerised by your sheer idiocy, narcissism and wrong-headedness. Since I too am a Polish chick, I have this to say to you:
Zamknij się! Jesteś głupi!

the polish chick said...

i was always hoping that my idiocy, narcissism and wrong-headedness were mesmerising, and now i know they are. thank you.

oh, by the way, since i am a chick, it ought to be "glupia" but hey, whatever floats your little polish boat.

Anne said...

What, now anonymous internets are calling you glupi(a)? Not being a Polish chick but only having a smattering of high-school Russian, of course that's the only word I (think I) understood. Polish being mostly its own dear complicated self rather than Slavic Derivative #87 or what-have-you, it quite possibly translates to "breathtakingly glamorous" in which case I should take off the boxing gloves, huh.

Anyway, just stopped in to apologize for being so glupia. Although I totally subscribed to your feed (I thought...) after overcommenting last week, your last few posts evaded my reader. Fuck fuck fuckety fuck indeed!

I think I fixed it though. And now I will comment out the waz as my winter holiday gift to YOU, dear P.C.

P.S. WV = kyashn: Slavic porridge?

the polish chick said...

oh anne, not only do i get my very first hate mail, but i also get a defender or two (i do have another one, but she sent me an email, honest). this is the best christmas EVER! teehee!

i like the thought of myself as a cobra mesmerist, my narcissistic little flute in my hands, tooting away, watching the heads of my listeners slowly emerge from various baskets, nodding in rhythm to the music of my idiocy...aaaah.

Anonymous said...

polish anonymous should keep her bad vibes to her own blog. -jools

the polish chick said...

thank you jools. see anne? i do have more than one defender. yay!

sue said...

I'm in, too.