09 December, 2009

stick it to the swine flu - group hug, everyone!

since the blog-moi has been so very gloomy and vitriolic lately (oh when i feels, i feels so deeply), when in real life i've been joyful and free (well, except for that weekend when i bit mister monkey's head off repeatedly - good thing he has developed the amazing ability to instantly grow a new one!) i have decided to show you just how happy and sugarplummy i've been. welcome to another installment of Good Things. i say "another installment" because i'm pretty sure i've done something like this at some point in the past, but because creativity trumps organization when it comes to labelling my posts, i cannot find it (frankly, i haven't even been bothered to try).

so, without further ado, here are some of my Good Things (in random order):

  1. stella mare soy candles - smell amazing, burn to the very end, lovely to look at
  2. foamy soap - yes, i keep going on and on about my fascination with foamy soap but i love how it shaves literally seconds off my hand washing and how light and fluffy it is (and we can all of us, every one, use more light and fluffy in our lives)
  3. cardamom - it's my love spice; i add it to everything: hot chocolate, coffee, apple cider, cake, muffins, liquor etc. and it smells and tastes divine (now if stella mare came out with a cardamom scented foamy soap my life would be complete)
  4. my couch sheep - soft to sit on, relaxing to pet, warm on the ass, does not need to be taken for walkies and does not soil itself, in a word, it is the perfect pet. it is also a very good listener
  5. my lululemon sweat pants - i never thought i would be one of those people who live in their sweat pants nor did i think i would ever own a pair that made my ass look good, but i am and i do, and i strongly urge you to get thee to a lulu and get yourself a pair
  6. cake, now homemade, and i certainly did not think that was ever going to happen
  7. ambrosia apples from russell farm market - roughly 3kg each, sweet, fragrant, crisp and amazing, and you know what? they are local and cheaper than at the grocery store!
  8. thick crusted, heavenly, chewy double baked german rye from columbia bakery
  9. red wine - not to be predictable but any good things list of mine that didn't feature red wine would be a blatant lie
  10. colours - mismatched, bright, bold, patterned and not, on my cushions, walls, floors and tables. matching is for fools.
  11. our view...oh our view. honestly, you'll just have to come and see for yourself.
  12. our new DSLR - if only i could skip the learning curve and hop right into the bit where i effortlessly take spectacular photos
  13. new bands - deep dark woods and jets overhead. i am always blown away how much talent canada keeps producing. by the way, do my musical tastes put me in the emo camp? will i have to get an asymmetrical haircut and wear tight pants? be more ironic?
  14. muffin, the adorable cat next door, who pops over for a visit every now and again
  15. tea
  16. that in less than 2 weeks i will get to see a whole slew of my favourite poultries, some of whom i haven't seen in a good long time
  17. last but most definitely not least, my mr. monkey, who continues to not murder me from sheer exhaustion, frustration and wrath

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pinolona said...

barszcz recipe please!!! my non-work email is weredeer at hotmail, kropka com. thank you :)
ps I don't suppose you can make the matching krokiet z kapusty as well? just asking...