16 December, 2009

sleeker than a greased pig at a farm fair

last night mr. monkey and i went to see a christmas walk-through-bethlehem which was pretty darn cool on account of all the sheeps and llamas and baby goatses and bunnies and donkeys (ok, maybe not the donkey urine which, sweet lord help us all, is STRONG).

the opening scene meant to bring us into the "true" meaning of the season was particularly filled with internal conflict and hypocrisy - while telling us to remember that christ is the real thing, the actor moves on to say he is off to do some christmas shopping, which, as we all know, is now the "true" and "real" meaning of what north america celebrates. so deliciously post modern! so redolent of donkey urine! jesus is the reason for the season, now let's hit the mall, mabel!

there were several other moments of religious propaganda but they were so amateurish and silly that we just smirked quietly into our goretex collars and moved along. we especially liked the virgin mary with decidedly non-middle-eastern highlighted bangs and a wooden delivery. joseph looked pretty beaten down, but what do you expect from a man marrying a (divine) strumpet? sure, honey, the baby is the lord's. right.

we skipped the hot chocolate and cookies fearing being accosted by apparently sweet old ladies with a hidden agenda.

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