14 December, 2009

mind-numbingly dull, yet somehow mesmerising

it's been a good 5 years since our family has given up gift-giving for christmas and birthdays: five languid relaxing years in which we watch with slight bafflement, glass of wine in hand, as the world descends into madness each december. the truth of the matter is i do enjoy giving gifts, but given how i hate receiving them, i am well able to halt the impulse and walk away.

i highly recommend it. if you skip christmas shopping, it frees up all manner of time, time which i have dedicated to baking, eating, wine drinking, eating, watching mamma mia (oh lord, don't get me started), sitting on the couch in a variety of poses (not entirely unlike yoga), and eating. there's also the snacks. and the eating. see? time well spent, and nobody walks away with a reindeer sweater and a rictus of a smile.

edit. note: just so you don't think i've hated every single thing any of you have ever given me, i'm not that evil. if it's edible or drinkable, chances are i loved it; if it's spicy lip-gloss, i'm still puckering up with the last little bit that i can scrape out; if it's small and shiny, well, then you know me well; and if it's none of the above, i can still appreciate the thought that goes into gift-giving. i'd just rather not get gifts. or cards. i'm easy! just buy me a drink.


Pitur said...

I never acutally got a reindeer sweater or any Christmas sweaters for that matter. I don't even know anyone that got one. Is that something that only happens in the movies?

the polish chick said...

well, it's more of a metaphorical reindeer sweater than a literal one. i'm sure you've had your share of "gee...thanks! you shouldn't have. really. you SHOULD'T have."

on the other hand, i'm sure you'd totally rock the look!

Geneviève said...

I'm also really glad not to be doing the gift thing anymore. Except for the kids. Oh yes, and Bill's parents who insist on giving us socks or face clothes we won't use. They can't be trained.

the polish chick said...

we finally told mr. monkey's mom and sister who insisted on gifts, that if it couldn't be eaten, drunk or in some other way disappeared, then we WOULD return it to the store.

they were offended and huffy but we held firm. also, i'm sure they eventually got sick of not getting anything back, though they'd never admit it.

Iheartfashion said...

How I wish I could do this...perhaps when the kids are grown.

the polish chick said...

no words of advice: no kids in our family.

i suspect once a kid comes along we'll do gifts for the kid but still will not go crazy. you've got to start them young, i guess. and keep them away from the tv, which teaches them about the "true meaning" of christmas, i.e. stuff.

here's me speaking out my ass. talk to me in 10 years once someone's had a kid.

sue said...

I have more spicy lip gloss for you. and jam and relish but the chutney has been consumed. next year I'll double the batch. Or triple it.